Reflexive Foot Art by Angel-A


Angela has developed reflexive foot art to assist her clients, using her intuition as well as 11 years of expertise in complimentary therapies. and her Foot Whispering techniques which has helped so many people in the Scottish Islands.

She uses this treatment to assist clients of all ages, who are unable to express how they feel, physical and emotionally.

For example:- bereavement,  trauma, separation, family disruption and other life challenges.

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Angela talking about foot art, its for all ages, kids love it to and can help them communicate how they feel. “I just love seeing all the pictures from my clients and the joy they have doing them.”

What her clients think about foot art?

Review about Foot Art



Examples of Reflective Foot Art

You draw the out line of both feet, then you get 8 mins per foot, to draw what ever comes into your mind, using coloured pens, pencils, or paints. You can then email or send them to Angela and she will give you her thoughts on each foot, this can be done in person or over Zoom. 


What People Are Saying


“I used Angela’s Online Foot Whispering Service and Foot Art which involved taking a photo of each foot and tracing out each foot on a piece of paper  and adding some drawings as instructed. Sent this to her and a Zoom meeting was arranged a couple of days later. She was easy to talk to and listen to me and I was blown away by what she was able to tell me from the foot art and what could be done to avoid pain and much more. I had low expectations but kept an open mind and was very impressed with this service and would certainly recommend trying this service”

George McG  Aberdeenshire


“What a fantastic holistic pedicure from Angela. Lovely soft feet now…. And the creams are amazing. xx.”

Doreen McKenzie, Elgin

“AMAZING foot reading with Angela ? was having issues on decisions going forward and her wise words really helped me so much . As well as that , a feeling of calm with insights into my personality and issues from the past – thanks Angela ?”

Laura Carmichael


“My experience is that Angel-A is a warm. caring person, really puts you at ease. Her footcare and reading are second to none. Very intuitive no nonsense lady. …I wish she was still based in Aberdeen!”

Gwen, Alexander.