Scooby Doo… thank you!

I woke up this Saturday morning and put on the TV, to my surprise, it was not the usual depressing news or Pierce Morgan shouting his head off like Zippy from Rainbow (that’s another story!). There on my tv screen was the cartoon Scooby Doo! And yes, I still love yooouuu!

I didn’t change the channel, it stopped me in my tracks, made me smile and think about the days of my youth when Scooby Doo, Shaggy, Velma, Daphnie and GORGEOUS Freddie were a big part of my life. Glued to the TV then as I was now, fixated by their adventures each episode and every time a rerun was shown-it didn’t matter. Twenty-five mins of escapism, innocence, fun as a child to enjoy and absorb. The Mystery machine and the team travelled and unraveled many mysteries, many monsters, aliens, mummies, wolves – but what happens at the end of the program – the bit we ALL look forward to: they are not real monsters at all they were unmasked and were PEOPLE in scary suits. Suits created to scare and control and inflict fear in a community.

What happens when Freddie unmasked the villain, the monster that created so much upset (this is when the music changes in the episode)? They are seen for what they truly are, an angry, bitter, spoiled, and pathetic individual. An individual who decided to get what they want by creating a “monster” to frighten off people and gain control by fear and uncertainty, the monster laughing at us from behind their monster mask. The wee ones watching the screen at this point now smile and have a sigh of relief, the world is safe again, thank you Scooby doo, we do love you, one less monster to worry about, .until next episode!

In my adult world that is happening now, to us all. We all have experienced a monster in our lives and with the Corona climate just now, there are several scary “beings” that are within our adult world and we have forgotten about OUR Scooby and his team. “Beings” that are taking over our minds, our lives, causing havoc to our known world. As a child, sitting with my chips and beans in front of Scooby, I could not imagine life then as

we know it now. However, be rest assured, that we can all be like our Shaggy, Scooby and face our fear. Challenge the scary suits, see them for what and who they truly are! Look within and see the truth.

We all have the power within us to do this, empower our lives, take control back. SMILE at them because the monsters don’t like the smile as it means joy, love, laughter and light. Our smile, our true smile, smiling to everything and one and all, radiates that trusting loving vibration, altering the state of fear, allowing strength and our energy to re balance. Smile from your imposed masks of the moment, but rest assured, in knowingness that you know who you are and choose to shine and stand tall.

So guys, former children of yesteryear but still great Scooby fans at heart, this Scooby episode will end as always, with smiles and laughter. Have faith and be bright and brave. I hear that music in my head….remember..”Scooby Scooby doo, I love you… WE. Got some work to do now..” We have SMILE and shine.

Love and light to you all. xxx